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The third edition of VIVA light exhibition in Poznan, Poland. Innovative products, materials and technologies will be presented in a uniform exhibition formula. The light is the main motive and the bond of the exhibition as it is inseparable from our perception of the space, shapes, colors, textures, and materials.


The exhibitions are addressed to architects, interior designers and investors. Moreover, these will provide opportunities to meet, consult various aspects, exchange and disseminate knowledge on building awareness in terms of quality, specifics and possible applications of new products and light techniques. All recipients we would like to show the beauty of light and share with them our passion. Barrisol, Emandes, Eugenius, Karboxx, Martin Eden, Next, Puraluce, Quasar, Room Service, Secto Design, Slamp, Vibia are the brands which have been invited to participate in this year’s exhibition.


Constantin Wortmann - the main guest and speaker